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Eternity Books International Ministry 

A small but great Publishing House whose mission is to reach a vast audience with edifying messages, and with a literature that promotes life's most important values. In a "Mare Magnum" of infinite titles, often confusing; we want to make a difference. A hand-crafted product which does not want to compete with small, big or middle companies; we don't want to champion anyone nor compete against anybody.

The originality of our choices is unique in the national scenery; we want to satisfy an audience with hunger and thirst for innovation, an audience seeking a special mark or footprint. Real stories, unique, exclusive inquiries, unprecedented tales and stories. In order to live life to the fullest, to receive inspiration and to meet fearless and unusual characters that face circumstances in an exceptional way.

We want to create uncommon and innovative bridges, which not only include tradition; but bridges that go above and beyond, bridges focused on the future but also well rooted in the past. A message of hope that reflects our identity, Christian roots that join people together wherever we travel and wherever we live. All this is possible thanks to everyone's determination, including yours.

Because we are part of a mosaic and each and every stone is precious; all of them are essential in order to realize and complete the work as a whole. You and I are those precious stones. Don't stop the building of this extensive and complete picture. Help us making the difference. Small or big, it will be determining, conclusive and of great benefit to all of us. An ocean is obviously vast and huge; however, it is composed by an infinite amount of small and precious drops. You are one of them!

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