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Make America Anointed Again, by Tamara V Gozzi

Make America Anointed Again, by Tamara V Gozzi

Autore: Tamara V Gozzi
Formato: Brossura 14x21
Pubblicato: 20.02.2017
ISBN: 9788898999286
Pagine: 166
Disponibilità: In Magazzino

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The Campaign Toward Greatness

"Make America Anointed Again" explains how a nation can reach greatness and always stay at the top. The destiny of (the eagle) the United States of America is clearly described in the Bible from the Declaration of Independence until the Battle of Armageddon. This book will help you understand the prophecies of the end time, Israel God's given destiny; the role of America until the Second Coming; the role of the rest of the nations and more specifically of the "Revived Holy Roman Empire". While America was heading straight toward globalism and the so dreamed One-World Government, here comes a president that nobody expected and that doesn't believe in the New World Order, but is determined to secure the borders like never before. What we are experiencing right now in America is a clear intervention from Almighty God for the fulfillment of His end time plans and purposes. We are about to see major events occurring right ahead of us; therefore, we the people need to be instructed and prepared. This book was birthed to help everyone understand the Bible prophecies, and most importantly to help everyone to get ready for them.

Tamara V Gozzi, born and raised in Belgium, of a Belgian mother and an Italian father, grew up in an atheist home where speaking about God was a taboo. However, at the age of thirty began the search for the supernatural that would soon lead her to know Christ and have an intimate relationship with the Living God. The author didn't know that this encounter would forever change her existence. Beginning in Belgium, "born again" through the Internet, Tamara continues her journey with the Lord at the University of the Supernatural Ministry and the Jerusalem Prophecy College in America. Also a Graduate from the School of Biblical Evangelism; she lives in California where she is now more than ever committed in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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